An analysis that (surprise, surprise) conclude that users are learning til ignore online ads, via @………‘s post

Users have learned to ignore content that resembles ads, is close to ads, or appears in locations traditionally dedicated to ads.

Common ways to make mobile buttons more intuitive for the user, via @………‘s post

The more buttons there are, the longer it takes them to make a decision. They have to examine each button to determine which one best meets their goal. Any uncertainty or doubt about the buttons could cause them to take no action or the wrong action.

You can prevent this by making the priority of each action intuitive. When users can see which button is important to their task, they’re able to take action right away. There are a few UX techniques you can use to make a big difference on the intuitiveness of your call to action buttons.

@……… explains how to set up web analytics tracking to learn more about article and author efficiency; interesting for most, but publishers might find this particularly good. Post on @………






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